Feauting: Patrick Roy Game Used Goalie Pads Koho Revolution 1993-1994

Patrick Roy Game Worn Goalie Pads Full Set KOHO REVOLUTION 1993-94 Montreal Canadiens Glove Blocker and Pads Photo Matched


One of the rarest, most iconic and most sought after goalie pads set in the history of the Montreal Canadiens. 

In 1993, Patrick Roy was a prominent ice hockey player in the National Hockey League (NHL), known for his exceptional goaltending skills. Born on October 5, 1965, in Quebec City, Canada, Roy is widely considered one of the greatest goaltenders in NHL history.

In 1993, Patrick Roy played a pivotal role in leading the Montreal Canadiens to their 24th Stanley Cup championship. The Canadiens' playoff run that year is particularly memorable due to Roy's outstanding performances. He displayed remarkable consistency and resilience, earning him the Conn Smythe Trophy as the Most Valuable Player of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

One of the most iconic moments of Roy's career occurred during the 1993 playoffs. In the third round of the playoffs, the Canadiens faced the Los Angeles Kings in the Stanley Cup Finals. The Canadiens went on to win the series in five games, with Roy playing a crucial role in the team's success.

Roy's performance and leadership during the 1993 playoffs solidified his status as one of the all-time greats in NHL history. His incredible skill, intense focus, and fiery personality made him a fan favorite and a central figure in the Canadiens' championship run.

Following his successful tenure with the Canadiens, Patrick Roy continued to play for several more years with the team before being traded to the Colorado Avalanche in 1995, where he would go on to win two more Stanley Cups (in 1996 and 2001). Roy's impact on the game of hockey, particularly during the 1993 playoffs, remains a defining moment in his storied career.


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