Story Time: Patrick Roy 1994 Worn Goalie Mask Montreal Canadiens

PATRICK ROY 1994 PRACTICE WORN Goalie Mask Montreal Canadiens
It has never been the same, since I sold this mask.
As a kid growing up in Montreal in the early 90s, this mask meant everything. The reason I ever got into the goalie mask business, was because of this Roy Canadiens mask design.
Patrick Roy replica mask sales was the foundation of our business when I quit my banker job to fully dedicate my time to goalie masks.
Early Dec 2019:
When there's a business inventory that I don't want to sell, I put a ridiculously high price on it. In this case, I had slapped a nice $33,000 USD price tag on this mask. Thinking that this price tag would drive everyone away.
It was the property of the company, but I was sure this price tag was going to be enough to deter all potential buyers away. It was my strategy to enjoy the mask for a few months.
Early December 2019, Christmas spirit starts to be felt in the air.
A business lady from Toronto calls up the store. She was on a business trip in Montreal. She tells us that her husband is a Montreal Canadiens super fan and that she wants to get him something extra special for Christmas.
Slightly sexist, but understandable. It is not every day that you get a woman client asking about a game worn goalie mask (lol).
I tell her: Lady, you understand this goalie mask is actually practice worn, full of scuffs and is ACTUALLY $33,000 USD + taxes, right?
You understand that this is not a signed replica mask?
You understand that this mask stinks?
No negotiations accepted, no payment plans, we need $33,000 USD payment in full. That is fine by you?
She says she understands everything very well.
I am impressed.
A true business woman.
But so torn inside. Like "DAMMIT!!!"
It must be said that during the time in 2019, we had just poured a bunch of money into opening our first store/warehouse in Montreal. I probably had $3,000 cash left in the business bank account after acquiring the store, the inventories, the warehouse renovations, the new employee salaries...
The $33,000 USD would have been a very nice business boost.
I ruminated about the offer all evening and then all night.
Against my heart's will, the next morning, I call back our client and tell her that we have a deal on the line.
Within 48 hours, she actually pays up and sends her driver to come pick up the Patrick Roy 1994 Practice Worn mask in person.
And just like that, it was gone.
The money celebration was fun.
But the mask emptiness was real.
It was the most perfect mask that I had ever held in my hands.
I told myself that the Goalie Gods had sent that mask as a gift. A blessing to our business, to help launch the store and take the business to a whole new level.
That mask did that, and we never looked back, business wise.
But every single December, before the holidays, I think about that perfect Patrick Roy Montreal Canadiens mask.
It is my favorite mask of all time.
The only mask that matters.
No other masks come close to that one to me.
Will she ever come back one day?
I am 330% sure that she will.
I don't know when and where in time.
But she will be mine again. Oh yes, she will be mine again.